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黃鵬年助理教授 Dr. Peng-Nien Huang

Phone: 886-3-2118800 ext.3723

Fax: 886-3-2118700

E-mail: mark1005@gmail.com

Research Topic:

•   Proteomic analysis reveals cellular proteins associating with Enterovirus 71 3D polymerase.

•   Enterovirus 71 epidemiology study.

   Establishment of P2+ SPF animal room.

   Enterovirus 71 vaccine development


•  P.N. Huang, J.R. Jheng, Jamie J. Arnold, J.R. Wang, Craig E. Cameron, and S.R. Shih, UGGT1 enhances enterovirus 71 pathogenicity by promoting viral RNA synthesis and viral replication. PLoS Pathog, 2017. 13(5):e1006375. (SCI ranking = 6.0% (2/33) in the field of Virology, Impact Factor = 6.6)

• K.F. Weng, C.T. Hung, P.T. Hsieh, M.L. Li, G.W.u Chen, Y.A. Kung, P.N. Huang, R.L. Kuo, L.L. Chen, J.Y. Lin, Robert Y.L. Wang, S.J. Chen, Petrus Tang, J.T. Horng, H.I Huang, J.R. Wang, David M. Ojcius, Gary Brewer, and S.R. Shih, A cytoplasmic RNA virus generates functional viral small RNAs and regulates viral IRES activity in mammalian cells. Nucleic Acids Res, 2014. 42(20): p. 12789-805. (SCI ranking = 4.9% (14/286) in the field of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Impact Factor = 10.2)

• Y.C. Liu, R.L. Kuo, J.Y. Lin, P.N. Huang, Y. Huang, H. Liu, Jamine J. Arnold, S.J. Chen, Robert Y.L. Wang, Craig E. Cameron, and S.R. Shih, Cytoplasmic viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase disrupts the intracellular splicing machinery by entering the nucleus and interfering with prp8. PLoS Pathog, 2014. 10(6): p. e1004199. (SCI ranking = 6.0% (2/33) in the field of Virology, Impact Factor = 6.6)

•  P.N. Huang and S.R. Shih, Update on enterovirus 71 infection. Curr Opin Virol, 2014. 5C: p. 98-104. (SCI ranking = 12.1% (4/33) in the field of Virology, Impact Factor = 5.1)

• C.H. Huang, C.J. Chen, C.T. Yen, C.P. Yu, P.N. Huang, R.L. Kuo,S.J. Lin, C.K. Chang, and S.R. Shih, Caspase-1 deficient mice are more susceptible to influenza A virus infection with PA variation. J Infect Dis, 2013. 208(11): p. 1898-905. (SCI ranking = 8.3% (7/84) in the field of Infectious Diseases, Impact Factor = 6.3)

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• K.F. Weng, L.L. Chen, P.N. Huang, and S.R. Shih, Neural pathogenesis of enterovirus 71 infection. Microbes Infect, 2010. 12(7): p. 505-10. (SCI ranking = 58.9% (73/124) in the field of Microbiology, Impact Factor = 2.2)

• K.C. Tsao, C.G. Huang, Y.L. Huang, F.C. Chen, P.N. Huang, Y.C. Huang, T.Y. Lin, S.R. Shih, and S.C. Chang, Epidemiologic features and virus isolation of enteroviruses in Northern Taiwan during 2000-2008. J Virol Methods, 2010. 165(2): p. 330-2. (SCI ranking = 62.7% (99/158) in the field of Biochemistry & Applied Microbiology, Impact Factor = 1.7)

• J.Y. Lin, M.L. Li, P.N. Huang, K.Y. Chien, J.T. Horng, and S.R. Shih, Heterogeneous nuclear ribonuclear protein K interacts with the enterovirus 71 5' untranslated region and participates in virus replication. J Gen Virol, 2008. 89(Pt 10): p. 2540-9. (SCI ranking = 34.1% (54/158) in the field of Biochemistry & Applied Microbiology, Impact Factor = 2.8)

• T.C. Chen, K.F. Weng, S.C. Chang, J.Y. Lin, P.N. Huang, and S.R. Shih, Development of antiviral agents for enteroviruses. J Antimicrob Chemoth, 2008. 62(6): p. 1169-73. (SCI ranking = 9.0% (23/256) in the field of Pharmacology & Pharmacy, Impact Factor = 5.1)

• T.C. Chen, S.C. Liu, P.N. Huang, H.Y. Chang, J.H. Chern, and S.R. Shih, Antiviral activity of pyridyl imidazolidinones against enterovirus 71 variants. J Biomed Sci, 2008. 15(3): p. 291-300. (SCI ranking = 40.0% (51/128) in the field of Medicine, Research & Experimental, Impact Factor = 2.8)

Teaching Experience :


General laboratory skill training: college, graduate students


Mentor of one graduate student and three under graduate students


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