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Location:Area B, 12F., The First Medical Science Building, Chang Gung University

Address: No. 259, Wenhwa 1st Road,Kwei-Shan, Taoyuan, Taiwan, 333



1. From Expressway to Campus

Lin-Kou InterchangeTake the exit to Guishan, drive straight to National Taiwan Sport University, and turn left when you see a lake, campus entrance which is on your left hand side.

Wugu InterchangeTake the exit to Sinjhunag and DanFeng Provincial Highway, drive onto Qingshan Rd., campus entrance which is on your left hand side.

Linkou map


1. From Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station to Chang Gung University(CGU):

Take MRT and get off at A7(National Taiwan Sport University) Station, then go on foot around 15 min.

Take MRT and get off at A8( Chang Gung Memorial Hospital) station, then take a Taxi around 10 min. Or go to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital transfer CGU school buses to campus.

2. From Taoyuan Train Staion to Chang Gung University(CGU):

Take Formosa Fairway to CGMH, and transfer to CGU School Buses.

Linkou branch ←→ Chang Gung University Shuttle Bus Time Table

CGMH map

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital school buses station is near Medical Buidling

campus bus station

Campus bus station is located in front of student center

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