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林素珍助理教授 Dr. Sue-Jane Lin

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Biotechnology and Labroatory Sciences, Chang Gung University, Taiwan
Education :Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
Specialties:Viral Immunology
TEL :886-3-2118800 ext. 3727 


Despite many advances in biomedical studies, viral infections, whether related to virus induced-immunopathogenesis or -tumorgenesis remain a major threat to human health. In the past decades, Dr. Lin’s lab has studied the emergence of acute or persistent viral infections in Taiwan caused by hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, Epstein-Barr virus, enterovirus, dengue virus, SARS coronavirus, human immunodeficiency virus, human T cell leukemia virus and papillomavirus as well as re-emerging viruses, such as influenza virus. Dr. Lin’s lab focuses especially on the studies of viral immunology. Specific goals are listed as following: (1) the roles of microRNA in persistent LCMV cl-13 infection. (2) the effects of Epstein-Barr virus on human B cell immortalization. (3) the anti-viral immune responses to influenza virus and enterovirus infections. Her group has successfully established mouse models for influenza virus and LCMV, and for EBV infection in primary human B cells. Both immunology and virology experiments may advance to elucidate anti-viral immune responses and collateral immunopathologic effects. Their studies will also be helpful for the development of therapeutic drugs, preventive vaccines and immunotherapy protocols for acute and persistent viral infection. 


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