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Research Center for Emerging Viral InfectionsEmerging or re-emerging infectious diseases have threatened humans for decades. It is crucial to identify the pathogens involved rapidly and accurately in an outbreak for the control, prevention and treatment of emerging infectious disease. 

Since 1998, experiences in laboratory diagnosis of enterovirus 71 (EV71), SARS coronavirus, and new influenza A viruses have successfully equipped our laboratory members the capabilities for virus identifications. The research members in our center include clinical physicians, virologists, biotechnologists, cell and molecular biologists, and computer scientists. Through the interaction and collaboration of scientists from different expertise, we are determined to fulfill a number of missions as the followings:

●To identify the viral agents for emerging infectious diseases

●To conduct studies in multidisciplinary research fields on factors and dynamics of the emergence of new viruses

●To bridge basic and clinical sciences

●To develop antiviral agents and vaccines

●To solidify international collaborations






International Exchange Students 
International Exchange Students
David Senft
Name: David Senft
From: Germany
Exchange Period:03/01/2017~03/31/2017
Name of project: Construction of protein expression vector for far upstream element binding protein 1 (FUBP1) in mammalian cell
Name of mentor: Professor Shin-R...
Majd Nashashibi
Name: Majd Nashashibi
From: Israel
Exchange Period:08/01/2016~08/31/2016
Name of project: HSLU 7 transgenic egg for promoting influenza virus replication
Name of mentor: Professor Shin-Ru Shih ( Co-mentor: Ms. Sheng-Yu Huang)
Name: Elena BOJENOV
From: France
Exchange Period:07/04/2016~08/22/2016
Name of project: Engineering an attenuated live vaccine by modification of viral RNA polymerase
Name of mentor: Professor Shin-Ru Shih ( Co-mentor: Mr. Po-Ting Hsieh)
Marit Ruth Engebretsen
Name: Marit Ruth Engebretsen
From: Norway
Exchange Period:07/06/2015~07/31/2015
Name of project: Investigate the genomic signatures of Influenza A Virus
Name of mentor: Professor Shin-Ru Shih ( Co-mentor: Mr. Po-Ting Hsieh)
Alan Liu
Name: Alan Liu
Nationality: U.S.A.
Exchange period:5/11/2015~7/5/2015
Name of project: Generation of EV71 viruses from infectious clone
Name of mentor: Professor Shin-Ru Shih ( Co-mentor: Dr. Kuo-Feng Weng)
Anja Tina Blessing

Name: Anja Tina Blessing
Nationality: German
Exchange period:08/02/2012~10/22/2012
Name of project: Identification of the target site for virus-derived small RNA 1 at 5' UTR of EV 71
Name of mentor: Professor Shin-Ru Shih ( Co-mentor: Mr. Po-Ting Hsieh)


Name: Simon Pedersen Larsen
Nationality: Denmark
Exchange Period:06/29/2014~08/05/2014
Name of Project: Enterovirus 71 epidemiology and sequence analysis
Name of mentor: Professor Shin-Ru Shih ( Co-mentor: Dr. Huang Peng-Nien, Mr. Po-Ting Hsieh)

Karolina Nowak

Name: Karolina Nowak
Nationality: Poland
Exchange Period:06/29/2014~07/28/2014
Name of Project: Investigate the genomic signatures of influenza A virus
Name of mentor: Professor Shin-Ru Shih ( Co-mentor: Dr. Shu-Ming Kuo)

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